History of White Oak Baptist Church
Archer Lodge Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1859. In 1883 it moved to it’s present location and the name was changed to White Oak Baptist Church after the stand of white oak trees on the property.
Detailed information on the history of the church and the community can be found on the community website.

150th Anniversary

In 2009, White Oak celebrated it’s 150th anniversary.  Below is a trailer for our special commemorative video.

Watch the “History Moments” from the services leading up to Homecoming below:

September 20, 2009: 1859-1889

September 27, 2009: 1889-1919


October 4, 2009: 1919-1949


October 11, 2009: 1949-1979


October 18, 2009: 1979-2009