Youth Sunday School
Middle School – Matt Mulhollem and Scott Farmer
The middle school class is an opportunity for youth to gather to learn and discuss God’s word.  The goal of this class is to help middle schoolers to grow in their faith as they become young adults.  This class meets on the second floor of the main building.
High School – Mark Jackson
We are for 9th-12th grade students, we meet on the second floor of the main building.   We get deep into our faith, we read what the Bible says about the subjects we study and we are interactive.  Understanding that High School students are about to enter a world that will present us with obstacles and conflict, we will be challenged in this class.  We cover apologetics so that we will be able to defend our faith.  We are accountable to and for each other, and make an effort to fellowship with one another regularly, and support one another.  We support White Oak however we can, and look beyond our walls to do mission work locally (Mission Week), nationally (Appalachia Service Project), and internationally (Compassion International and Youth With A Mission). Figuring out how we fit into the First Commandment, the Greatest Commandment, the Great Commission, and preparing to be future leaders in the Church are our goals.