Administrative Assistant

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The administrative assistant position has been allocated 20 hours per week ($15/hour to start) to accomplish all necessary duties.  Office hours for each week will be Tuesday through Friday, 8:30 – 2:00 to include 30 minutes for lunch.  The church expects the Administrative Assistant to be in the office every day of the work week; however, some flexibility can be allowed for appointments and other absences with prior notice and approval from their immediate supervisor or a member of the personnel committee.  Though there are constants, the Administrative Assistant’s job is ever evolving. From a large picture perspective, it is the Administrative Assistant’s responsibility to help the church function as smoothly as possible by performing the tasks listed below:


1.    Daily responsibilities

1.1.  Be available at the church building during posted hours to assist the church staff and the church family with office duties as needed.

1.2.  Collect, sort, and distribute church mail.

1.3.  Check voice mails and deliver church business messages.

1.4.  Check email for church business messages and information and respond appropriately.


2.    Weekly responsibilities

2.1.  Collect information from the Pastor andWorship Team for the next worship service, including prior week’s offering amounts, to prepare and print the bulletin.

2.2.  Provide Wednesday night supper reservation counts and otherrecurringscheduled activities (nursery schedule, dessert schedule, SS lists, etc.) to appropriate persons.

2.3.  Provide the Pastor and the Small Group Director a copy of visitor cards and send out visitor letters.

2.4.  Maintain a copy of each bulletin and other important information for church records.

2.5.  Submit timesheet to supervisor at the end of each pay period.

2.6.  Update prayer list for bulletin as requested. 

2.7.  Mail reimbursement checks in the event they are not delivered in person on Wednesday evenings (unless otherwise noted).


3.    Monthly responsibilities

3.1.  Monthly newsletter (The Acorn)

3.1.1.  Email reminders for Acorn material to the church email list and put out a reminder note in the bulletin.  This information is used to prepare the monthly newsletter.

3.1.2.  Gather information regarding upcoming church activities and news and prepare the newsletter.

3.1.3.  Make copies of the Acorn and place them in the sanctuary so they are available on the first Sunday of each month.

3.1.4.  Email the newsletter to the church email list.

3.2.  Church Council responsibilities

3.2.1.  Prior to the Church Council meeting, make copies of the upcoming calendar and financial updates available to members of the Church Council.  Update and record changes to the church calendar the following day.


4.    Quarterly responsibilities

4.1.1.    Order literature/supplies for various classes as needed/identified by the Small Group Director   

4.1.2.    Mail Mission Ministries checks


5.    Yearly responsibilities

5.1.1.    Meet with the personnel committee for performance review per WOBC Constitution.


6.    Miscellaneous responsibilities

6.1.1.    Database proficiency (Realm) will be required to maintain/update church/member information, attendance, etc.  

6.1.2.   Assist Pastor with office duties.

6.1.3.   Purchase office supplies as needed.

6.1.4.   Ensure that copier is in good working order by requesting service and toner when needed.

6.1.5.   Filing information like budget reports, nominating committee reports, bulletins, and Acorns for church records.

6.1.6.   Prepare other correspondence as directed.

6.1.7.   Send all memorial acknowledgements within 2 business days of receipt of memorial donations.


7.    Benefits:

7.1.1.    7 Paid Holidays (New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day).  If listed Holidayfalls on a Monday, the following Tuesday may be designated as the paid Holiday.

2 paid days off per year.  (Day = 5 hours)

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