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music ministry

Our Music Director, Dara Edwards, leads our music ministries at White Oak. We have an adult and children’s choir, as well as a hand bell choir known as the Celebration Ringers. We are always open to adding new members to our choir. Our Associate Pastor, Bryant Wilson leads our Sunday Morning Worship Team. We are always open for individuals to join this team as vocalists or instrumentalists. We also have a need for individuals interested in assisting with media. Please contact Bryant or Dara for more information.


White Oak’s Worship Ministry aims to promote and be informed by the Gospel. The goal for every worship set is for people to have clearly heard the Gospel through the lyrics of the songs that are sung, promoting genuine worship of God through congregational singing. The music/instrumentation should promote singing and not distract from the message presented in the songs. Songs should also be singable and enjoyable, as songs that are Gospel-centered yet distractingly unsingable or bad are unhelpful. Elements in regards to lighting, stage design, audio and streaming will follow the same guidelines, being used to help promote congregational singing in worship without being distracting. Therefore, the ultimate goal is for the worship team, from the musicians to the tech. team, is to individually worship God while creating an environment where the congregation can join in true, Gospel-centered worship. 




Legacy Worship | 9:00am

The goal for this service is to primarily serve those who prefer traditional worship, honoring and highlighting some of the greatness of traditional worship. Classic hymns will be the primary song selection, with occasional modern songs being added that suit the service. Instrumentation will include vocals, organ and piano, however guitar and percussion may be added to suit a song. While the service will remain traditional, songs with a southern Gospel, bluegrass, or country sound will be included. A more “traditional” style of service does not mean boring or outdated, so we aim to show the value of older songs and styles in way that promotes joyful worship of the Lord.


Modern Worship | 10:30am

The goal for this service is to serve those who prefer modern worship. Newer songs will be played, as well as classic hymns played in a modern style. The instrumentation will aim to be a full band, including vocals, piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and drums/percussion. This service aims to promote lively, joyful worship of the Lord, while also providing times for reverent response and reflection. Audience participation through clapping and raising hands are welcome and encouraged. 

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