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Yes to Jesus!

God's original creation was perfect. Man and woman enjoyed perfect harmony with God and had complete fellowship with Him. However, that harmony was disrupted when mankind chose their own selfishness and broke God's one command of not to eat of the forbidden fruit. In an instant, harmony gave way to discord and mankind became aware of their sinfulness. God, however, provided a way for mankind to be redeemed back to a relationship with Him. Ultimately, this was accomplished by the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross. Jesus paid the penalty for our sin and God offers salvation by the free gift of grace. God loves you not because of what you have done or what you do. He loves you simply out of perfect love. Today, He is offering salvation. All you must do is receive it. Would you accept this gift? Here are a few things you can do.

  1. Admit. Admit you have sinned. None of us are perfect.

  2. Believe. Believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins and was raised back to life.

  3. Confess. In your spirit, speak to God. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins and become Lord of your life.

If you have made a decision, we would love to celebrate with you. Or, if you have further questions, we're available to provide answers as we can. Please complete the form below and we'll be in contact with you.

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