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Classes & Community Groups

One of the best ways you can get plugged in at White Oak is through our Classes & Community Group.


Classes are for either one or both genders and meet at church on various days. They study through various books of the Bible or or through topics to help us grow in knowing the Lord and living for Him. 


Groups aim to help you grow closer to God and to others, meeting outside of the church building. Community Groups typically consist of 5-25 people of one or both genders who gather at least every other week to help one another grow in their faith by learning and applying God's Word.

Current Open Classes & Groups

The Martha Class
Sundays | 10:15am
Location: White Oak Church | Room 101
Leaders: Gennie Hamilton, Martha Russo, Pam Smith
Description: A class for women of all ages doing Bible studies that encourage daily Scripture reading, prayer and thought while providing open discussions that allow everyone to pool their knowledge and experience to become servants for God. 

The Ruth Class

Sundays | 10:15am
Location: White Oak Church | Room 102
Leader: Debbie Moncol
Description: A class for adults of all ages that goes in depth in the Word of God to increase our knowledge of the Christian faith and make us better prepared to witness about God’s love.

The Book of Acts - The Gospel To All Nations

Wednesdays | 6:45-7:45pm 
Location: White Oak Church | Sanctuary
Leader: Dr. Scott Kellum
Description: A Bible study through the book of Acts for all adults.

Will Israel Survive? Let's Ask Isaiah!
Thursdays | 6:30-8pm 
Location: White Oak Church | Fellowship Hall
Leader: Tom Brown
Description: A study of Isaiah for adults of all ages.

NEXT Community Group

Thursdays | 6:30-8pm
Location: Bryant & Violet Wilson's Home
Leader: Bryant & Violet Wilson
Description: A Community Group for those in their 20’s and 30’s to help one another grow in our love for God, His Word, and one another.

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