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community groups

One of the best ways you can get plugged in at White Oak is through our Community Groups. Groups aim to help you grow closer to God and to others in the church.


Community Groups consist of 5-25 people of one or both genders who gather at least every other week to help one another grow in their faith by learning and applying God's Word. White Oak offers two types of Community Groups that provide unique ways to do that.


Short-Term Groups last from 6 to 12 weeks. These groups provide focus, honing in on one issue and seeing what God's Word says about it or focusing on one particular portion of Scripture. They also provide flexibility, being short and compact enough to fit into busy schedules. They also provide the flexibility to move from group to group based on what topics individuals need to focus on.

Long-Term Groups meet year-round and have no definitive start or end date; anyone can join at any time. These groups provide continuity, allowing for longer studies and the ability to build off the knowledge gained from previous studies. They also provide a unique opportunity for community, as one can grow deeper relationships with other members over time.


The Martha Class

Sundays | 10:15am

Location: White Oak Church | Room 101

Facilitators: Gennie Hamilton & Martha Russo

What: We are a women’s Bible study group and all ages are welcome.  We do topical Bible studies using published materials that encourage daily scripture reading, prayer and thought.  Our meetings are open to discussions of the lesson material that allow us to pool our knowledge and experience to become servants for God.  We meet on the first floor of the main building.

The Ruth Class

Sundays | 10:15am

Location: Archer Lodge Community Center

Facilitator: Debbie Moncol

What: This class uses a variety of materials to make an in depth study of the Bible.  The purpose of our studies is to increase our knowledge of the Christian faith and make us better prepared to witness about God’s love.  All ages are welcome!

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