core beliefs

The Purpose of White Oak Baptist Church is to:


  • Worship God;

  • Share the Good News of Jesus Christ, helping believers grow in faith and knowledge, and building relationships with everyone, leading them to the Good News of salvation by grace through Jesus Christ;

  • Address the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of others within the fellowship of believers, in the local community, in the United States and throughout the world.

Statement of Faith

1. God:  We believe in God as three Persons in One:  God, the Father; God, the Son; God, the Spirit. 

  • The Father is the Creator and Sustainer of all that is.

  • The eternal Son lived on this earth in the flesh as Jesus of Nazareth and died as a sacrifice for the sins of all people.  He was raised from death to life on the third day to demonstrate His sovereignty over death and all that is.  He is the Embodiment of God.

  • The Spirit is the presence of God and lives within believers through their belief and trust in God through his Son Jesus, the Christ.  He is the Power of God.

2. The Holy Bible:  We believe the Bible is God-inspired, true and trustworthy in its entirety.  It is the source of authority for matters of faith, personal discipleship and church practice.   It speaks to humankind’s condition as well as God’s plan to bring humankind to himself.


3. The Church:  We believe the Church consists of individuals who have responded in faith to God’s calling.  These believers are to fulfill the purposes of God on this earth. Life within a church should be one of the worship of God, love, joy, giving and forgiving. 


4. Sin:  We believe sin is anything that interferes with a close relationship with God, others or oneself.  Sin is remedied by confession to God and repentance (turning away from the sin and turning toward a life pleasing to God). 


5. Salvation:  Jesus the Christ died as a sacrifice for the sins of all persons to bring them into a loving relationship with God through their faith and trust in Him.  There is nothing any person can do to earn or qualify for salvation – it is a gift of God. 

6. Baptism:  We believe that baptism is for believers only as a public expression of their faith in God through Jesus Christ.  Baptism is best understood as by immersion as that is the meaning of the term.


7. The Lord’s Supper (Communion):  We believe that the Lord’s Supper is also for believers only as an expression of their faith in God through Jesus Christ.  While the elements of the bread and the cup have no divine properties, they are a representation with profound spiritual meaning. The Lord’s Supper signifies the relationship we have with one another as believers:  one loaf, one cup; one Spirit, one Lord, one God and Father of all – by way of the sacrifice of Jesus, the Christ on the cross.